A Stylish Story

Eyeglasses have been a part of Victor Rogo’s life for as long as he can remember.  “I started wearing them at 20 months old,” he said.  From the early 1990s until 2007, he worked in Auburn as an optician for optometrist Dr. Thomas Fong at Eyewear Designs. Now he’s has open his own optical shop at the same location.
 The business, Eyewear Crafters, will offer a distinctive take on the world of glasses, business partner and Penryn resident Stephen Fournier said. He describes it as an art gallery of eyewear.  “When you walk in, your first impression will be little spots of color everywhere,” he said. “The color is the eyewear in very interesting artistic creations.”  The focus will be on bright colors and high design.   “One of the designers is my wife, Davette,” Fournier said. “We have a small manufacturing facility in France and people there make the collection by hand.  It will be debuted at the Auburn store along with other artisan collections in small production with unique creations —- where eyewear is their art. ” The glasses will be available in prescription and non-prescription with an extensive range of lens choices and options. Prices will range from $200 to $2,000.  “Whatever they want, we can do,” Fournier said. “(Rogo) can handle just about any lens configuration. Or if someone just wants frames, we can do that, too.   ”It will be something unique and different, Rogo said.  Rogo brings nearly four decades of experience to the business. It was his career choice from a young age.

Auburn resident and former customer Kari Swatzke is excited the store opened again.  She met Rogo when she visited the former Auburn store to get glasses. “First of all, I got great glasses and great service,” she said. “He’s an amazing, upbeat fun guy but he is totally professional. You leave with a huge smile on your face. Plus you can see. I’ll be back. I’m excited they are  back.  Everyone in my family wears glasses and we are all going to Victor for them.

They love our eyewear studio...